We are KIN

Our focus at KIN has always been developing the most flavoursome dishes by making the most of seasonal ingredients and our chefs’ expertise. We always wanted KIN to be a discovered-to-be-vegan cafe, demonstrating how exciting and varied plant-based foods can be. We take great pride in how we source our ingredients and choose to partner with suppliers who make a positive impact through sustainable practices and charitable endeavours. Working with the only highest quality natural produce allows KIN to consistently produce mouthwatering meals, best-in-class coffee and daily changing salads that help keep our menu dynamic. 

We are a laid-back, welcoming space in the heart of Fitzrovia, located only a few minutes from Oxford Street. We want KIN to be an environment where you can escape the bustle of city life for a moment, and enjoy the simple pleasures of good food and coffee. Come and unwind with us soon. 


KIN works incredibly hard to partner with suppliers that positively impact the world we live in, which is why we are proud to work with the Mayni community. These beautiful people are the protectors of the rain-forest, taking it upon themselves to ensure the forests will remain intact for generations to come. Our work with the Mayni and now many neighbouring indigenous communities has provided a blueprint for coffee growing in the region, without the need for slash and burn and gives the communities a sustainable way to earn a good income from their lands without the need to destroy them. 

We also support the Born Free Foundation which helps care for wild animals in their natural habitats and promotes compassionate conservation. Their wildlife rescue, conservation and education centre in Ethiopia, Ensessa Kotteh, is home to more than 150 animals including lions, cheetah, hyena and primates. Supporting their work is one of the many ways KIN tries to make a difference outside of our local area.

Healthy Living

You are what you eat is a somewhat overused phrase, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Everything that KIN makes is based on the power of plants and this natural focus helps you feel satisfied and energised throughout the day. It all starts with the freshest combinations of base ingredients we use to make our nutritious meals that both look good and taste amazing. There is something special that happens when using a combination of organic and fairtrade produce which you can only tell by tasting the difference.

Quality, Always

Quality underpins everything that we do at KIN. Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about bringing you the best possible dining experience. Our chefs work hard every day to find new ways to make your favourites plant-based and delicious, and our wait staff and baristas are experienced in the art of brewing coffee. No matter what you order, it’s served with a smile!