The Story of KIN

It all started, as it will end, with a coffee bean. Deep within the cloud forests of Peru, far from any towns, live the Mayni community, protectors of the rainforest and farmers of the most delicious coffee beans in the world! Against wildfires, droughts, and man-made disasters wrought by steel and oil, the Mayni live and work, picking the coffee fruit the same way they have for generations.

Until one day… Kay was plucked from the trees! Kay wasn’t the same as the other coffee beans. He liked to run, play, and explore! Kay knew that there was a big wide world outside of the cloud forest, and so one day, he said goodbye to the Mayni farmers, and set off on his own!

He walked, and walked, and walked, until he reached a huge pile of plastic. Kay had always imagined the ocean would be blue and sparkling and full of life, but he could hardly see it for the litter.

But, as he cried out, a hand reached out over him and began to clear the way. And another, and another. Dozens of people around the beach were helping to pick up the litter!

And so, Kay jumped into the cup, and the two floated until the sea of plastic broke away into the wide shimmering blue Kay had always imagined. The floated, and floated, and floated, and the Paper Cup introduced herself as Inta. She explained that people from all over the world volunteered everyday to clear the beaches of litter, and that much of it got recycled, to be given a second life!

They floated until the land rose up again to meet them, and they walked once again. This land was hot and flat, and the sun beat down on them hard. They walked, and walked, and walked, until they came face to face with…

A ferocious lion! There wasn’t just one lion, but a whole family! And not only Lions, but Leopards too! All running, grooming, or lazing in the shade. None of them seemed interested in gobbling Kay or Inta up.

Kay and Inta turned, and saw a large field of grape vines nearby! Growing on one of those vines, was a bunch of plump, sun-ripened wine grapes.

They travelled far and wide, and for every human they found who was hurting the planet and those on it, they found those willing to help. They had seen everything there was to see, and they knew what they wanted to do next. They wanted to help the people they had met, and give back to the communities they came from.

And so they decided the best way to help was to team up with people like you! Yes, you!


The wine you drink at KIN directly supports the Born Free foundation, helping to keep big cats safe in the wild and out of cages.


All of the takeaway cups you drink from are made from recycled materials, and can be recycled once you’re finished, so that they can be reborn again!


And every cup of our delicious coffee that you drink supports the Mayni community in Peru, who continue to keep their home safe.


The journey to a more sustainable and cruelty-free planet is long and hard, and it’s easy to feel lost, but when we do it together, it doesn’t feel as lonely. No matter what corner of the globe you started your journey in, at KIN we are all part of a family bigger than you could possibly imagine. And together, by making small changes, we can leave the world just a little better than we found it.